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52 Rules

52 Rules: Essential and Comprehensive Guide to Tournament Poker.

This book is your opportunity to go deeper into poker tournaments with all the ammunition you need to be successful. Unlike the pros who write books about sophisticated aspects of poker, I am an amateur who has spent over 30 years playing tournament poker in Las Vegas and elsewhere and wrote this down-to-earth treatise for the regular guy or gal. I wrote these rules from the perspective of an amateur playing the game, emphasizing tournament poker and how you can increase your ability and your chance to go to the final table and win.

Also, you can soon learn tips and tricks to go deep to cash and win tourneys through My Blog. Get your share of the tournament prize money by following the rules in this book and make yourself a better player. All of this is from my 30+ years of playing poker in Las Vegas.

Above all, going deep and winning poker tournaments is what it’s all about.

52 Rules: Table of Contents

Rule 1 – Getting Started
Rule 2 – Make up Your Mind (Tournament or Cash)
Rule 3 – Playing Undistracted by Outside Influences
Rule 4 – Your Demeanor
Rule 5 – Playing with Antes
Rule 6 – Understanding Player Types
Rule 7 – Playing Against the Female Player
Rule 8 – Playing Against the Male Player
Rule 9 – Segmenting a Tournament
Rule 10 – Seating Position at the Table
Rule 11 – Playing the Big Blind
Rule 12 – Playing the Small Blind
Rule 13 – Playing on the Button
Rule 14 – Playing Minimal Hands
Rule 15 – Bluffing
Rule 16 – Talking During Play
Rule 17 – Changing Tables
Rule 18 – Understanding Table Position: Early Position
Rule 19 – Understanding Table Position: Middle Position
Rule 20 – Understanding Table Position: Late Position
Rule 21 – Tight Play
Rule 22 – Loose Play
Rule 23 – Aggressive Play
Rule 24 – Passive Play
Rule 25 – Playing from Early Table Position
Rule 26 – Playing from Middle Table Position
Rule 27 – Playing from Late Table Position
Rule 28 – Getting a Read on Another Player
Rule 29 – The Bubble & Making the Money
Rule 30 – Understanding Heads-Up Play
Rule 31 – The Advantages of “Min” Betting
Rule 32 – The ‘M’: What it Means to Your Play
Rule 33 – How Fold Equity Affects Your Play
Rule 34 – Using Outs for Betting Patterns
Rule 35 – Continuation Betting
Rule 36 – Smooth Calling
Rule 37 – Re-Raising
Rule 38 – Showing a Winning Hand
Rule 39 – Playing Pocket Aces
Rule 40 – Playing Pocket Kings
Rule 41 – Playing Pocket Queens
Rule 42 – Playing Lesser Pairs or A/Rag
Rule 43 – Playing Ace/King
Rule 44 – Playing Ace/Queen
Rule 45 – Playing Pre-Flop Connected Cards
Rule 46 – Playing Pre-Flop Suited Cards
Rule 47 – Playing Pre-Flop Suited Connected Cards
Rule 48 – Playing Short Stacked
Rule 49 – Playing as the Big Stack
Rule 50 – The Bad Beat
Rule 51 – Playing the Nuts
Rule 52 – Recapping the Key Rules
Appendix of Tournament Directors Assn. Rules – September 2022 Version

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52 Rules

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